Welcome to I Dream of Weenies

Welcome to I Dream of WeeniesWelcome to I Dream of WeeniesWelcome to I Dream of Weenies

Your favorite mother-daughter Vienna Chicago Hot Dog cart!

About Us


Mobile Vienna Chicago hot dog cart near Phoenix, AZ!


We are a mother-daughter duo from the Chicagoland area who ventured  out here to AZ to start our own business.  Vicki (daughter) was a  teacher and Sally (mother) worked at a Pediatrics office.  We decided we  wanted to make a living doing something together that was a lot of fun  and rewarding.  So we bought a hot dog cart in 2013, got our degree from Hot Dog  University, got our food managers license, and I Dream of Weenies was born!

We  pride ourselves on making the best dog, not the biggest profit.  Vienna  products are only made in Chicago and shipped everywhere else, that's  why it's so hard to find food vendors selling Vienna hot dogs, they  don't make as much of a profit.  Here at I Dream of Weenies, we don't  settle for anything but the best - no matter what!  Vienna is the  official dog of the Chicago Cubs and White Sox.  It is what Mike Ditka  serves at his restaurants, and Portillo's uses Vienna as well.  So stop  by one of our locations and see why everyone says "it is the best hot  dog I've ever had!"  Even people who don't like hot dogs like ours.  It  is 100% beef and has no MSG or artificial flavorings.

We do  everything from school carnivals, church events, birthday parties, sporting events, big  city special events, antique mall flea markets, farmers markets,  fundraisers, really anything and everything!  We are mobile so we go all  throughout the valley.  So go ahead and call us to come to your next  event.  We keep up great with all the food trucks and offer a quicker  and more affordable version to what they offer.  So we do great with kids and  families!

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We do events and private parties!

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